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One Day Tour From Tbilisi To Bolnisi and Dmanisi


A day tour to Bolnisi and Dmanisi is a short journey, one day trip to the ancient history of Georgia, to the time of formation of the Georgian language and advent of Christianity in the Caucasus ! 

This tour will not only introduce you to the Georgian culture, but also open the country’s mysterious pages, known almost to nobody.


Dmanisi, Home of Europe’s oldest human skull discovered  (The hominin site is the earliest of its kind outside of Africa, dating back to 1.81 ml years) is located in southern Georgia, Kvemo Kartli region. You can visit museum to check archeological excavations of bronze age settlement and see the 1.8 million year-old fossilized remains of the first discovered human couple in Europe whose names sound truly Georgian : Zezva and Mzia!

© Lasha Gabelia


– The tour starts from Tbilisi;

– Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel;

– Drive to Kvemo or Lower Kartli province. Visit Sioni of Bolnisi Cathedral built in 478-493. It is the oldest extant church building in Georgia. The cathedral is also known for its Georgian inscriptions, mentioning the names of Bishop David of Bolnisi and two Sassanid kings Peroz I and Kavadh I. These are one of the oldest historical documents of the Georgian alphabet;

– Take an excursion to Dmanisi archaeological site where in 1999 two Hominid Crania were discovered. The discovery demonstrates that Dmanisi Hominids are the oldest human beings outside of Africa.

– Dmanisi is also a rich archaeological record of Georgia’s Medieval period as it was a major commercial center of Georgia during middle ages. Finish your tour at the Tsugrugasheni cross cupola church of 13th century (located in 10 km from Bolnisi), famous for its rich ornamentation, particularly stone carvings around windows and arches, and fragments of frescoes.

– Drive back to Tbilisi.

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