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Located 200km from Tbilisi in a remote Eastern mountain region of Tusheti, Dartlo represents a dream village, on the beautiful alpine slopes of Caucasus Mountains at the level of 1850m; Tusheti’s Alazani river, lots of homestays, Cafe with a perfect location, camping places, tasty mountain cheese, view to waterfall from the houses and even more Dartlo has to offer.

Here are both Pagan and Christian religious buildings in Dartlo which are both considered as sacred. There is also a place which used to be a court. 9 family live now in Dartlo. Most of the population leaves the village before it snows and takes their sheep back to Kakheti. 

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Ushguli is one of the high alpine communities in Europe located at a height of 2200 meters above the sea level. It is situated 33km to the east of Mestia in a hard-to-access area. It takes around 8-10 hrs (400km) to get there from Tbilisi through canyons and cliffs.

The community includes four ancient settlements: Zhibiani, Chvibianu, Chazhashi and Murkmeli. They are located in the upper reaches of Inguri river, at the southern foot of the giant mount Shkhara (5193m), the highest point of the Caucasus range. Most of architectural monuments date back to the 9-10th centuries. From all sides, villages are surrounded with glaciers and snow-capped mountain peaks. The landscape naturally creates grandeur as if painted by a skillful master.

There are about 70 families (approximately 300 people) permanently residing in Ushguli. They have a school, few shops, café and (drumroll) 5 churches: Lamaria church (Mother of God from Svani), church of St. George in Zhibiani, Church of St.Barbara in Murkmeli, Church of Spas in Chvibiani and Zhibiani.

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Beshumi, 120 km away from Batumi, is a mountain climatic and spa resort. It is located on Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road, 7 km from Goderdzi pass. Picturesque road leading from Batumi to Beshumi follows the gorge of river Adjaristskali rich with waterfalls.
Beshumi is a settlement surrounded by coniferous (spruce, pine) forests and mountains. Low humidity and glut of ultraviolet sun rays, drinking and mineral water springs, therapeutic mud and air with clear oxygen are used for treatment of numerous diseases, including, but not limited to, chronic diseases of respiratory tracts. There are also several outlets of mineral waters used for curing food digestion system. Starting from mid-June until the beginning of September Beshumi hosts thousands of vacationers who arrive primarily from Batumi or Akhaltsikhe.
The first Saturday and Sunday of August is the date when Beshumi hosts popular festival – Shuamtoba with lots of guests attending festivities. After official ceremony exposition
of popular handicrafts, horse race, wrestling and public reveling are organized. Most of the time of the year resort area is deserted because in winter surrounding territory of Goderdzi pass is covered with snow as deep as 5-6 meters and the pass is closed for traffic.
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Borjomi is famous for its mineral water industry (which is the number one export of Georgia). Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of stone baths in the area, proving that these mineral waters have been utilized by people for thousands of years.

Because of the supposed restorative and healing powers of the area’s mineral springs, it is a frequent destination for people with health problems. Borjomi is also home to the most extensive ecologically-themed amusement park in the Caucasus.

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